LETTER:Supports Haguewood

This letter is in support of Jim Haguewood for Port Angeles City Council.

Jim is exactly what Port Angeles needs right now in city government, a strong, calm, proven leader of impeccable integrity.

Jim is a multigenerational resident of Port Angeles with a lifetime investment in our community.

He was raised here, his children were raised here and his grandchildren are growing up here.

Jim brings decades of community involvement including chamber of commerce and Revitalize PA as well as a strong background in economic development.

Jim’s firsthand knowledge of our local businesses, schools and community needs span decades.

He has lived through, and led, during the ebbs and flows of Port Angeles’ economy and a wide array of city, county and civic leadership.

Jim is not a transient resident trying to make a mark while using Port Angeles as a transitional platform before moving somewhere else.

He has lived his life in our town, contributed to our town and will make a positive difference in the future of our town.

We care deeply about the future of Port Angeles, and we know Jim is the best possible leader to represent our city.

He’s not afraid of big challenges, which Port Angeles faces.

He will step in and get to work to assure the city’s future for current residents and future generations.

Tom Curry

Port Angeles