LETTER:Blood sport

Here is an opinion from one who has seen the fire trails of incoming in Israel.

In a geopolitical war, sides fight until one of the other runs out of money: Yes it’s an oversimplication but.

In a religious war such as that in the Middle East, peace, by definition of one of the combatants is the total annihilation of the other.

Both say they have eternal love for their children, one hides their children from harm, the other straps demolitions on their backs to have them blow themselves and nonbelievers up.

A martyr, a very dead sacrificial child, then while firing indiscriminate rockets into the others side’s homeland from their school yards and hospital, complain the other side killed their beloved child used as human shields when retaliated against, the best PR spinners on earth.

They understand the western world do love their young offspring and when shown a middle-eastern woman holding her dead child, trilling her tongue, will cause dissension among those she hates, as if the children her husband just killed don’t count.

There is no inherent cultural sameness; there is no sameness of right or wrong, as some wish dear.

Life is, and always has been, a blood sport.

Chose your wars smartly and with care.

Jan Richardson