LETTER:Shared power

“Salmon, Cedar, Rock & Rain” by Tim McNulty and others: It is not hard to say what I like best — all of it.

The book launch sponsored by Port Book and News and the North Olympic Library System for this newest treasure of our Olympic Peninsula was so well received that we had to scramble with extra chairs and scooting closer together, all happily so, as we all were celebrating this new book.

Many voices were heard in the book and at the book launch.

In my many years here on the Olympic Peninsula working to see the new era of total eco-system care-taking, it is beginning to happen more and more.

The unity of vision and commitment felt tonight will encourage and achieve more.

As we move away from harvest, harvest, extraction, to an ethos and industries of care-taking, habitat monitoring, research, studying, data management as well as restoration and sustainable practices, more jobs will be created and sustained without taking from nature but rather balancing and care-taking.

A healthy sustainable environment will increase quality of life here on our wonderful Olympic Peninsula.

The “Salmon, Cedar, Rock & Rain” book talk had many voices essentially saying shared power is increased power and many hands working together will achieve the most for all.

I am encouraged by the exciting time at the library with so many good folks believing the best that may be achieved together.

Roy Morris