LETTER:Questions offered

We are presently in a period of political discord and confusion but, sometimes, just by asking yourself a few simple yes or no questions, you can clarify your thinking and, thereby, your political position.

For example, there is heated controversy regarding who can use the girls’ locker rooms because, some would say, these facilities should not be restricted to just girls but should also allow equal access to boys who claim to be girls.

Accordingly, the simple question you would ask is, “Do you think that allowing sexually confused boys access to girls’ locker rooms is a bad idea?”

Yes or no.

As another example, the Biden administration struck down many of Trump administrations border controls which has heralded the worst border crisis in American history.

Therefore, our simple question, “Do you think that dismantling/removing our border fencing/controls and thereby allowing hordes of uneducated aliens unfettered access to our country with it’s very generous social assistance programs is counterproductive to our country?”

Yes or no.

Lastly, shortly after his inauguration, President Biden directed a halt to new oil and gas leases as well as a review of existing permits amid strong opposition from the oil/gas industry.

A final simple question, “Do you think that eliminating/curtailing our fossil fuel industry thereby enriching those countries who bear us ill will may well merit some further reconsideration/”

Yes or no.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a conservative or even, gasp, a Republican.

Dick Pilling

Port Angeles