LETTER:PA at crossroads

Port Angeles sits at a crossroad.

We have choices to make that will either grow us into a vibrant community with an emphasis on the things that bring vacationers to our peninsula in droves, or that will cause Port Angeles to look sour and dingy and drive visitors away.

We must choose whether to work for the people of Port Angeles or not.

I am supporting candidates for Port Angeles City Council who will work for the people of Port Angeles without fear or favor.

In Position One, I am supporting LaTricia Suggs.

Her heritage gives her a completely different point of view on our issues.

In Position Two, I support Mike French, because he will work well with the rest of the people I support.

In Position Three, I support Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin.

His background and understanding of how Port Angeles fits in the web of state and federal rules, regulations, and laws is unparalleled.

In Position Four, I support Kate Dexter, who will bring commonsense to the issues.

We’re deciding what Port Angeles is to be when the pandemic is finally over.

We have big issues to deal with: housing, jobs, homelessness, transients, drugs and alcohol abuse.

We need big people, with wide viewpoints and clear ideas to solve them.

Walt Boyes

Port Angeles