LETTER: Lives, not rights, in danger

On the 19th of this month, my friend died of COVID-19.

She was diagnosed just the day before, and by morning she was dead, her daughter told the exposure was from an unvaccinated health care worker.

This was not fate or karma or the will of God.

It was reckless endangerment.

The term negligent homicide also comes to mind.

The Sequim City Council’s resolution defying desperately needed mandates seems to me to come under another legal term: depraved indifference.

Since the council is so concerned about individual rights, let’s talk about my friend’s right to her life, to the time she had left to be with her family, stolen from her in just a few hours.

Her daughter barely had time to say goodbye.

Smallpox, an ancient scourge of humanity, has been vaccinated out of existence because everyone born before 1973 got the shot.

Everyone born after that date is safe from a hideous death because of a mandate.

No one’s rights are in danger here.

Their lives are.

Deborah Keeting


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