LETTER:Supports Proctor

Having lived in this beautiful town for 61 years a person appreciates the tranquility, friendliness, and the potential that has existed here.

Sadly, however, the threat created by homelessness threatens our future like none I’ve ever seen.

The problem so far is seemingly without a solution yet in some places throughout our country, even West Seattle and surely Bellevue, the problem is minimal compared to ours.

Thankfully one candidate for the Port Angeles City Council, John Proctor, has stepped up to confront it.

He must be commended since surely this retired and successful man has other things he would rather do.

Here, the present course insures that the continuing debacle that includes drug and alcohol abuse can never change unless we want it to.

Social workers now provide help but there is only so much available and the endgame is the same, i.e. continued dependency by those who are homeless, depressed, and often a threat to people who are unable to defend themselves.

We are in a box and are unlikely to get out unless we provide an entirely new approach to this issue.

Good luck John Proctor.

Glenn Wiggins

Port Angeles