LETTER:New normal?

Is anyone else missing those halcyon days before the 2020 election?

You know, when Election Day meant the end, relief.

Closure, after months of unbearable tension and fury.

Yes, election campaigns were brutal, dirty and intelligence-insulting.

But on Election Day, whether their chosen candidates won or lost, I think most people heaved a collective sigh of relief; the hatred and mud-slinging were finally over.


Case closed.

As Mitch McConnell once said about elections, “Winners make policy and losers go home.”

It all seems so quaint now.

Now, we’ve had more than two years of endless attempts to overturn legitimate election results from 2020 and 2022, by whatever means necessary; recounts and more recounts, lawsuits, counter-suits, attacks on legislators and election workers.

Where are we headed?

Is this the new normal?

Is this what we want?

Tom Harper

Port Angeles