LETTER:Assault on rights

Where do gun owners get off calling an assault weapon ban a gun ban?

When did the Second Amendment well-regulated militia become every Tom, Dick and Harry having access to destructive military-style weapons?

Most home invasions occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

You would be better off owning a dog.

Seriously, chances of a home invasion by someone with a weapon while a homeowner is present to use their assault weapon is far less likely than an unplanned pregnancy where a female would want access to an abortion.

And yet, the same political party that recently pushed a nationwide ban on an abortion pill has freaked out repeatedly for years about their made-up Second Amendment rights whenever any attempt has been made to restrict the types of guns sold to the public or the institution of interstate background checks, age restrictions and waiting periods.

It is this kind of hysteria that led to the shootings last week of a teenager knocking at the wrong house, people turning their car around in someone’s driveway and a kid whose ball went on a neighbor’s property.

Gun owners are not the ones whose rights are being assaulted.

Cheryl Nash

Port Angeles