LETTER:Landlords or renters?

I’m sure that every candidate and public servant means well and I appreciate the message of Port Angeles City Council member Navarra Carr.

In light of recent history since COVID, certain keywords make me take notice.

It’s great that she wants to “bring an important voice for young people, renters, and others…”

However, numerous landlords and taxpayers have been cheated out of enormous sums at the whim of Gov. Jay Inslee’s pen.

A co-worker of mine and her husband were victimized by healthy working scofflaws who simply didn’t pay because they didn’t have to and when they finally were forced to leave after the ban, or whatever it’s called, over a year and a half, she and her husband had to pay over $15,000 to repair and renovate the property.

My own sister paid $10,000 to get one of her tenants to freely agree to leave during the ban.

There’s too many two-faced people in government who tell us what we want to hear based upon what camp we’re in or which audience they’re talking to.

Miss Carr, if it came down to similar scenarios, please honestly declare to us now who gets your advocacy: the landlords or the renters?

This was a historical injustice and amounts to what has been termed as “the tyranny of the majority.”

Dan Anderson

Port Angeles