LETTER:MAGA patriots

Some people these days have become so hateful, calling those of us evil names who do not think the way they do: terrorists, fascists, etc.

Why doesn’t there seem to be ‘love thy neighbor’ anywhere?

Patriots believe in God, country, family and the Constitution.

MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again.”

Is that such a terrible thing?

We just want our jobs brought back instead of everything being “Made in China;” to maintain a standard of living that doesn’t brutally distress our families, and to be energy independent.

This was an independent, sovereign nation, and we have a right to make it as great as we possibly can.

We also believe for this for every other nation on Earth.

Our children need to be educated to be able to compete with the rest of the world.

They need to become productive, prosperous, morally grounded with respect and manners.

And most important, bring God back into the schools.

Do your own research on climate change instead of believing the talking heads.

Climate has cycles.

Changing our energy independence over the past two years has created havoc.

Truth hurts the ones who don’t like it, not the ones who believe it.

Everyone, check your hearts.

I fear for what lies in store for us if we vote for non-patriotic candidates.

If you hate this country so much, please leave.

Francine Chappell