LETTER:Backs Purser

Will Purser unquestionably deserves re-election as Clallam County Public Utility District commissioner, for no other reason than he has a long record of exemplary service.

But to elaborate, voters should note contrasts between the candidates’ policy preferences and temperament.

Remarkably, Mr. Hays thinks we should reduce our dependence on hydropower (PDN Sept. 14) which will doubtless continue as our region’s predominant source of reliable and cheap electricity.

Other sources of electricity certainly are more expensive, and some sources are by their nature far less reliable and available.

Mr. Hays says continuing to rely on hydropower represents “institutionalized thinking.”

If so, I want more of that thinking.

You should too, Mr. Hays’ policy preferences will result in us paying more to keep our lights on and to heat our homes.

Mr. Hays’ tenure on the Sequim City Council was marked by upheavals in the city’s senior management (PDN July 17, 2009; May 17, 2010.)

Mr. Purser models everything that the public should expect from an elected PUD commissioner.

He has long held leadership positions in regional electric power governance organizations, signifying the respect his peers place in his personal and professional attributes.

One of Mr. Purser’s commissioner colleagues thinks we should keep the PUD Commissioner team intact, implying the same, in my view, for the senior PUD management team (PDN Oct. 15.)

Everyone should re-elect Purser.

Jim McEntire


EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim McEntire is a former Clallam County commissioners and Port of Port Angeles commissioner and is a co-founder of the 101 Independents United.