LETTER:Keep it wild

Thirty years ago, a large portion of the Miller Peninsula State Park was saved from being turned into a Mitsubishi resort and expensive housing community thanks to the hard work of local activists.

It was incorporated into the state park system and remains one of the largest pieces of natural habitat on the Peninsula outside of Olympic National Park.

This local gem is again at risk of being destroyed.

In the October 18 open house, State Parks’ officials laid out their development plans for the park which include a lodge (read “Motel 6”), massive RV campground, skate park, four wheeler track, etc.

In other words, to cut down forests and transform our hidden gem into a place for tourists to watch TV in their motor homes.

Such a development would send every bird, bear and bat fleeing far away.

It was clear at the open house how much locals love the Miller Peninsula State Park, specifically because it’s the last state park that hasn’t been developed.

That’s what sets this park aside from dozens of others around the state.

We have more than enough hotels, airbnbs, and campgrounds in the area.

Instead of creating more, we should preserve what little wilderness we have left and use the money to improve access through free bus service and improved trails.

You don’t know what you got until it’s gone.

Don’t turn one of our last slices of natural paradise on the Peninsula into a parking lot.

Keep it wild, and improve access.

Ryan Langley

Port Angeles