LETTER:Backs Brotherton

We in Jefferson County are lucky to have a number of citizens who care enough about our county to put time, energy and resources into running for a variety of offices here.

Then it’s up to us, the citizens, to honor our democratic right and vote for the person whose ideals most align with ours and who seem capable of getting the job done.

We have two such candidates for District 3 Commissioner, but I believe we really have one better choice.

In the commission, nothing happens in isolation.

One commissioner may be the front person for a given task, but all three plus other staff members are involved in every task, every decision.

Greg Brotherton has taken the hit for the still on-going housing and homeless crisis facing Jefferson County and I’d venture to say, every other county in Washington state, perhaps in the world.

There does not seem to be a simple, quick, affordable answer but the commissioners keep trying.

In my estimation, moving forward instead of starting from scratch is very valuable.

I want to let Greg continue.

I also have had first-hand experience with Greg as a person who listens and hears and remembers.

He honors his promises even when that may not be the most convenient path.

He makes decisions based on as much information as he can glean, then continues looking for more.

His service to his job does not stop.

And I for one do not want it to.

I suggest you use your vote to continue the work needed for Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton’s work.

Patricia Earnest