LETTER:Elephant in the room

A blind man approaches an elephant.

He grabs the trunk and declares, “The elephant is a snake and therefore evil.”

The blind man approaches the elephant and feels the slab side and declares, “The elephant is a wall blocking my path.”

This is the same approach Ken Hays is using to gain your vote.

Lacking knowledge of the PUD and the utility industry as whole, he has chosen to use scare tactics to get your vote.

Made-up problems is all he has to offer.

Will Purser has spent his entire career working in the power industry and has devoted the last 20 years to you, the rate payer.

Over the years he has developed the networks necessary to influence policy at the highest levels.

Industry leaders respect and listen to Will Purser.

Will understands not only the industry in the Pacific Northwest but positively impacts major decisions that will help keep utility rates as low as possible, focus on reliability, while meeting changing state climate mandates.

If you’ve followed other letters to the editor his list of accolades is long and impressive.

Your vote matters greatly to the future of our PUD.

Please don’t be fooled by Ken Hays’ strident voice and slick yard signs.

A campaign based on a lack of experience in public power, in power-system operations and built on non-existent problems does not deserve your vote.

Keep Will Purser working for us by using your vote wisely.

Connie Paschall