LETTER: Worse than AR-15

It appears President Biden is asking Congress to start passing laws to disarm lawful gun owners.

One of his objectives is banning assault weapons with high-capacity magazines.

The anti-Second Amendment gun prohibitionists backed by their biased lame-stream media lackeys seem to love the moniker “assault weapon” sometimes saying “military-style assault weapon.”

Trying, it seems to, indoctrinate the ignorant, uninformed and gullible into thinking these rifles and magazines are evil and should not be in the hands of lawful gun owners.

The main offender, the AR-15, happens to be one of the most prolific semi-automatic rifles in use today.

It is used for recreational shooting, hunting and self-defense.

The high-capacity magazine is actually a standard-capacity magazine.

This president is the same person who, as vice president under Obama in 2013, exhibited incredible ignorance on firearms and their safe use.

He was shown to say get a double-barreled shotgun and fire it through the door and to tell his wife to fire two shots in the air from their balcony, presumably to scare intruders, seemingly making an AR-15 unnecessary to possess.

The fourth rule of gun safety is to know your target and what’s behind it.

In just about every municipality and populated area in the country, it’s illegal to blatantly discharge a firearm.

His advice can get innocent people killed or the shooter arrested.

With that guidance, it seems he’s more hazardous than an AR-15.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles

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