LETTER: Whose side are you on?

Having been born in 1950, I have never witnessed in my life an American president endure the racial and ethnic vitriol that Barack Obama did including the “birther” slur that was advanced by our current leader.

Obama endured that vitriol from the American people with stoicism and class.

Now, with a torrent of chaos, crisis and pathological lies streaming from this White House, I’m being asked by a letter writer in the Peninsula Daily News in an Aug. 3 letter “to get over it,” [“Get over it”], i.e. Trump’s victory.

Americans are facing their worst constitutional crisis since Nixon, with a sitting president who ponders the possibility of pardoning himself.

Given the momentum building in the investigation of tampering with our election by Russia — an act of war — and possible collusion by this administration with Russia to sway the election — an act of treason — I would like to ask the letter writer and others who believe the same way: Whose side are you on?

Bart Kavruck,

Port Townsend