LETTER: What has Randy Johnson does for me?

I support Ron Richards for Clallam commissioner because I see him all around town working to do some good.

I read Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson’s statement on his website (www.electrandycountycommissioner.com).

He says, and I agree, that “government works best when a diverse group of people work together.

However, it seems that his opponent, Ron Richards, is doing that consistently.

I see him all over town giving a helping hand to all sorts of good, common causes, private and public entities.

I wouldn’t recognize Mr. Johnson if I saw him on the street.

I would ask a few questions of each: What would you do if you had $300,000 worth of standing timber on your property?

How would you advise a landowner on such an issue?

What options would you consider that result in the greatest common good?

Would short-term or long-term goals prevail?

So far, I don’t see what Randy Johnson has done for my community or my business as an organic farmer.

He seems like a small version of the Wizard of Oz, pulling the strings but out of sight.

I could have used a lot of economic development money when we began our produce farm operation 15 years ago.

It seems that the EDC, which Johnson has led as chairman of the board, is a puppet organization for only “special people.”

As a self-identified “locavore,” I like Ron’s commitment to working together with local people who are in the trenches of the problems we face.

Please join me in voting for Ron Richards for county commissioner.

He will collaborate effectively with Commissioners Bill Peach and Mark Ozias.

Jane Vanderhoof,

Port Angeles