LETTER: Randy Johnson’s critics unable to see forest for the trees

The Clallam commissioner hopeful’s background with Green Crow blinds all to his accomplishments.

Randy Johnson’s critics seem unable to see the forest for the trees.

They look at Green Crow Corp., the company Randy co-founded 31 years ago, and all they see is trees.

They don’t see diversifications ranging from homes built in Clallam County, to sand and gravel at Oso, to windmills and maple syrup in New England.

And they sure don’t see the hands-on CEO who collaborated with the other employees to bring that company through the dark days of dire economic recession.

Randy, a candidate for Clallam County commissioner, is more than just a resourceful businessman.

Randy is also a veteran, a husband, a father and a public servant.

Involved with the Clallam County Family YMCA for more than 10 years, he helped put together the partnership that’s preserving the public’s investment in the Sequim Aquatic Recreation Center.

Active in the county Economic Development Corp., he’s focused on preserving and creating local jobs.

Saving six family-wage jobs and adding two more by helping a local company [Lincoln Industrial Corp. of Port Angeles] acquire another local company [Allform Welding Inc. of Sequim] that was about to go out of business is a recent example of a triumph for which Randy is being roundly criticized by the anti-employment-opportunity chorus.

Randy understands budgets, the need for adequate reserves and long-term vision.

He works collaboratively with people from across the spectrum of viewpoints, and he’s not afraid to make tough choices to solve problems.

For breadth and depth of experience and knowledge, Randy Johnson is miles ahead of the competition.

I encourage all District 2 voters to join me in electing Randy Johnson as our Clallam County commissioner.

Martha McKeeth Ireland,


Ireland is a former Clallam County commissioner and a former columnist for the Peninsula Daily News.