LETTER: I stand by my man, Donald Trump

But Hillary Clinton and I are quite different in how we do that.

Hillary Clinton and I have something in common: We both stand by our man.

But Hillary and I are really quite different.

Hillary stood by while Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault by various women, and I’m standing by Donald Trump for just sexual talk.

Hillary defended Bill by trashing the accusing women, and I’m only defending free speech.

Hillary’s State Department ignored 600 requests and concerns from Ambassador [Christopher] Stevens and his staff for increased security in Benghazi and because of this, we have four dead Americans, according to the Washington Post.

She lied about the reason for the attack, and thanks to the Clinton-Obama policies, we have lost Libya to terrorists.

If this is how she runs the State Department, how would she run the country?

How did the Clintons go from “being broke” when they left the White House to being millionaires?

Why did Hillary, the supposed champion of women, accept huge amounts of money for the Clinton Foundation from Middle Eastern countries that practice Sharia law?

Is this how Hillary, defender of all women, wants us to be governed?

Karen Farr,

Port Townsend