LETTER: Vote for Initiative 735 to get big money out of politics

The measure calls for a repeal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Do you really want our government to be controlled by piles of money from large corporations?

Do we really want ours to be the best government money can buy?

If your answer is no (and I hope it is a definite no), get ready to vote for Initiative 735, making Washington state one of the states calling for a repeal of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, another 5-4 decision.

Our patriotic action will make Washington No. 17 of states that have called for a constitutional amendment to limit contributions in national elections.

Yes, I’ve heard many times that it won’t work as I asked people to put their names in support of I-735.

And I don’t blame many of you for becoming discouraged, even to the point of giving up on voting.

So many of you walked past as I called for your support, many tired of shopping with your youngsters.

But one mother paused with her child in her arms.

She realized the importance of campaign finance limits for her child’s future, and I expect her I-735 vote will call for contributions only from individuals, not unlimited influence available to corporations and individuals with deep pockets.

So voting gives us an opportunity to turn things around.

Will our vote make the change we need?

I’m no political scientist, but here’s my guarantee: If we don’t take the trouble to get behind I-735 (that means vote), I promise you, things will just stay the same.

Milton Patrie,