LETTER: What is sexism?

So, is Donald Trump a sexist? Hardly.

In my opinion, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was involved in the “October surprise” release of a tape [from “Acccess Hollywood” archives] on Donald Trump just as damning emails on her came out of WikiLeaks.

The mainstream press is totally ignoring the content of those emails to attack Trump over nonsense because they are in her camp.

So, is Donald Trump a sexist?


I’ve heard much the same anywhere men talk.

But that won’t stop the Washington elites and their media friends from claiming it is.

So what is a sexist?

It’s a father who forces his 7-year-old daughter to wear a black tent every time she goes outside.

Who thinks marrying his 9-year-old daughter to a 30-year-old man is a good idea (www.answering- islam.org/Silas/childbrides.htm).

That women shouldn’t handle their own affairs without male supervision.

That honor killings are justified, that demanding a woman have four men testify as witnesses in a rape trial is fair, according to the Assyrian International News Agency.

That’s Sharia law.

Right now, Europe is being overrun with groups of men wandering the streets sexually assaulting women, according to www.breitbart.com.

That’s sexist.

And where do we find these people?

Well, if Hillary has her way, in your neighborhood.

According to Fox News, in polls taken among Muslims living in America, a full quarter believe that violence to achieve Sharia law is justified.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t look forward to terror attacks in the streets here like we’re seeing in Europe and the Middle East.

As far as I’m concerned, we’ve had more than we should have already.

Because, unlike most people, I’ve aided raped women (as a former detective) and seen the dead in the streets.

Mike Keegan,

Port Angeles