LETTER: Randy Johnson a ‘visionary’ who can carry Clallam to great times

His integrity, judgement and business acumen would benefit the county on a number of fronts.

I am writing to voice my wholehearted support for Randy Johnson, candidate for Clallam County commissioner, District 2.

Randy’s in-depth knowledge of successful business management, its application on a global scale and being a wise steward of the environment is respectfully and highly regarded by many.

Randy’s open-minded approach includes hearing from all sides, careful evaluation and decisive action.

When in conversation with Randy, he is truly listening to what you have to say.

His years of proven leadership, successful business acumen and respectful, trusted dealings have bolstered Randy’s solid reputation for being a person who is honest, fair and carries himself with a high level of integrity.

His life also encompasses a tremendous amount of volunteer work on a number of fronts as he works tirelessly to share all of his gifts within Port Angeles with far-reaching positive benefit across the entire Olympic Peninsula — and beyond.

His campaign has been impressive to watch as he has prioritized time to meet with organizations and individuals from all walks of life here in Clallam County and has taken it all to heart.

He studies all aspects of the position, all issues confronting the county and will be well-prepared as a new member of the county commissioners and will be productive from the very start.

Randy Johnson is already an important and proactive citizen of Clallam County: He’s visionary, he builds strategic coalitions, he has strong convictions, communicates well and is committed to serve Clallam County in its entirety.

Meredith Parker,

Neah Bay

Parker is a former general manager and tribal council member of the Makah tribe.