LETTER: Vote for Democrats

I am so thankful that I live in a Democratic state and county, one where our representatives care about people and give their best to us.

Our representatives care about the rights of people, not just the embryo but life after birth, to make sure that life grows and develops from birth to old age by protecting peoples rights, health, and prosperity.

Making sure they have food, clean water, healthcare, good paying jobs, safety and a future.

They believe in a government, for the people, not one that controls the rights of people and destroys our democracy.

They believe in science and common sense; they try to even the playing field between rich and poor and support the middle class.

Republicans believe in a government that dictates what we can and cannot do; they are against government

mandating masks, and vaccinations, for our safety, but want government to control the rights of women over their own bodies.

They believe in government that supports assault weapons, but limit what their children learn and books they read.

They say they want smaller government but expand government control into a dictatorship, limiting our rights.

They can’t win honestly so they bring voter suppression as they have in so many states.

I hope the people of Washington state and Clallam County realize what we have in our representatives and vote for Mike Chapman, Steve Tharinger, and Derek Kilmer.

They will move us forward, as they have been doing, not backwards.

Linda Middleton


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