LETTER:Note to candidates

Now that we are in the campaigning and voting season, there are three important things I pay attention to when considering a candidate, whether it be in person, reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching TV or on social media.

First, I am fully aware that a candidate will govern like they campaign.

Are you respectful, considerate and thoughtful to your opponent during a debate?

Are you truthful?

These are all attributes I seriously consider when voting.

I know that you will treat your constituents the way you treat your opponent.

Secondly, I don’t need a candidate to tell me what their opponent’s ideas, proposals, voting record is or basically say anything about or even mention their opponent while answering a question.

I am quite capable of doing that research myself and determining what I think.

What I want to know from you is what are your ideas, proposals, thoughts, etc.

Finally, please tell me not only what you think needs to be done in our state and country. Or why you think it should be done. Do tell me how you would make those changes.

I welcome new ideas.

But, please, along with those ideas, give me some concrete ways you can make those ideas a reality.

Pat Thomsen

Port Angeles

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