LETTER: Urging people against smart meters to speak out

Voicing opinion

Corruption in our nation’s capitol grows — lack of truthfulness, endless strategies to achieve goals at any cost, a sickening realization the will of the American people is disregarded in favor of personal, political gain.

It all impacts us more and more. However, we are not face to face with it.

On Monday, March 11, I attended the board meeting of the public utility board.

At the microphone I questioned the meaning of “public” in PUD.

The will of the public regarding smart meters has already been expressed, clearly, strongly and directly.

People of Clallam County rejected having their homes, health and privacy invaded by smart meters.

In the time since, just as in Washington, D.C., the board paid no real attention.

Plotting and planning went on.

Time passed. Then here came the PUD board again, with a different strategy.

Force their will by spreading the effort over time, five years, thus weakening resistance.

Restrict information flow.

It was chilling to stand before the PUD board, watching them as I and others spoke.

The meeting could have been taking place in Washington, D.C.

Faces of the board appeared impassive, arrogant, condescending, dismissive, uninterested and smug.

This time, we were not seeing film clips on the evening news.

We were looking into the faces of the PUD board, right here where we live.

If you are still against smart meters, stand up.

Get involved.

Find others of like mind.

It is not too late.

David Baker,

Port Angeles