LETTER: Trump’s agenda will leave the middle class holding the bag

Sen. Harry Reid nailed it when he reminded the nation that Donald Trump is “a sexual predator who lost the popular vote.”

Voters have said they were impressed with Trump’s business skills. The reality is that he filed six bankruptcies and left investors and unpaid workers holding the bag. This is not a track record to be proud of unless you’re proud of escaping the responsibility for the failed projects. He also conned the Trump University students.

To make this country great, you have to have every individual paying their fair share in taxes. Trump celebrates the fact he doesn’t pay taxes. There is a huge economic divide in this country, with the tax code favoring corporations and rich individuals.

You can bet Trump’s agenda includes the modification of the tax code to further feather the nest of the 1 percent of individuals, leaving the shrinking middle class to pay a disproportionate share of taxes.

If the people who voted for Trump are expecting a jobs miracle, they are in for a rude awakening caused by the continued introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics into the American workplace.

With 260,000 robots employed in North American factories, the continent is in third place behind Japan and China. Foxconn Technology Group, the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world, says it has automated away 60,000 jobs in one of its factories.

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Michael McCarty,

Port Angeles