LETTER: Don’t take a narrow view of the election results

Don’t let the liberal media, Democrat spin-doctors or leftist rabble-rousers get away with making an issue of Trump not winning the popular vote. That is a very narrow view of the election.

Hillary didn’t get over 50 percent (a majority) of the popular vote either, and Trump got a national popular vote count almost equal to Clinton’s — that is, 46.9 percent to 47.9 percent as of Thursday.

The conservative candidates (Trump; Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate; and Evan McMullin of Utah, who ran as an independent) got 51.1 percent of the total popular vote, proving that the majority of voters in this country wanted to move in a conservative direction.

Also, Trump won about 60 percent of the states for a preponderance of Electoral College votes (290 to 232 in the current count, according to CNN). He also won a much greater percentage of all the counties across our nation.

For example, he won nearly 70 percent of the counties in Washington state. How is that for breadth, diversity and variety of our people that voted for Trump?

We all should remember that our Founding Fathers, after much discussion, set up the Electoral College system so that the bigger states could not totally swamp out the voices of the smaller states in our Republic. We still need that protection.

Gene Farr,

Port Townsend