LETTER: These candidate have the ‘right stuff’ to make a difference in Clallam County

Steve McLaughlin, Randy Johnson and Dave Neupert “get” the needs of rural communities like ours and what draws high-wage jobs here.

The Clallam County Economic Development Corp. has been mentioned within the context of this year’s election [“Vote [Ron] Richards,” Peninsula Voices, Sept. 28].

Here’s the truth:

• EDC’s goal of bringing high-wage jobs will bring greater wealth to our community.

• The state Department of Commerce evaluates EDC as a model agency in its efforts to retain and expand existing businesses — Allform Welding’s purchase by Lincoln Industrial is the latest example of EDC’s effective assistance.

It is highly inappropriate that some are making the EDC into a political football in the county commissioner race.

The EDC works in cooperation with governments and other business organizations to foster success in our major industrial sectors.

No one organization can do it alone; it takes all of us in government and the private sector pulling together to bring high-wage jobs here.

Recent attention on timber harvest levels on state lands is a good example.

We are beginning to make a difference in Olympia due to the combined efforts of the Port of Port Angeles, the Port Angeles Business Association, the EDC and others.

The North Olympic Legislative Alliance by the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce is another example of excellent collaborative effort.

Electing Randy Johnson as Clallam County commissioner, Dave Neupert as Superior Court judge and Steve McLaughlin as lands commissioner will be equally important.

They “get” the needs of rural communities like ours and have the collaborative “right stuff” to make it happen.

James McEntire,


McEntire is a member of the EDC board of directors and a former Clallam County commissioner.