LETTER: There’s no comparison between Harriet Tubman and Hillary Clinton; vote Jill Stein instead

Any comparison between Harriet Tubman and Hillary Clinton [“For Clinton,” Peninsula Voices, Oct. 21-22] must acknowledge their single-mindedness.

Tubman’s life was devoted to freeing slaves and fighting for justice, while Clinton has been a force for imposing economic slavery and hatching offensive wars.

Tubman was rewarded with being placed on a U.S. postage stamp, while Clinton has lived the life of an elitist millionaire.

Clinton promotes the neoliberal agenda of modern Western capitalism.

While a tiny number of people prosper and become “friends of Bill” (the new donor class), the great mass of people are reduced to the status of serfs.

Many are crushed by debt and look with increasing pessimism at a bleak future for themselves and their children.

They live, at best, from month to month, an accident or illness removed from certain poverty.

The few resources available, Social Security and Medicare, most certainly will fall victim to the Clinton/neoliberal ax.

Clinton’s donors want it all.

Clinton promised war in Iran (she said the U.S. could obliterate that country) if Iran attacks Israel.

Her insistence on a no-fly zone in Syria and elsewhere threatens a direct confrontation with Russia and would drain the budget into the offshore accounts of the arms industry.

War provides public money for personal profit.

They give to her, she gives them what they want — pay to play.

Think of that when you next see (if reported) the children of Gaza climbing over the rubble that once housed them.

Fear of a Trump presidency is legitimate, but don’t be so cynical as to compare Clinton with Tubman.

Vote for Jill Stein and the greater good.

Bob Domin,

Port Ludlow