LETTER: We’re lucky to live in a country that supports the right of property owners

The writer of an Oct. 30 letter to Peninsula Voices from a self-described local organic farmer, “Working together,” would ask both Clallam County commissioner candidates, Randy Johnson and Ron Richards, “What would you do if you had $300,000 worth of standing timber on your property?”

I’m not running for county commissioner, but I do know about forestry, so here are some options:

• Harvest the timber and manage the land as a commercial forest for future generations.

• Harvest the timber and convert the land for development.

• Harvest the timber and start an organic farm to grow non-native vegetables.

• Leave the timber standing through its natural life cycle.

• Sell the land and timber.

Which option is best depends on the objectives of the private landowner.

We are lucky to live in a country that supports the right of owners to decide how best to manage their property within the framework of the law.

Joseph F. Murray,

Clallam Bay

Murray chairs the Clallam Conservation District board and the Clallam County Trust Lands Advisory Committee.