LETTER: Port Townsend family’s good deeds detailed in ‘Back When’ column

We were delighted to learn of the Pluts’ many contributions and their legacy.

Pluts’ contribution

As owners of the medical building in Port Townsend which was constructed by Dr. Harry Plut and his two partners in 1939, we were delighted and further informed about the lives of Harry and Dorothy Plut, as told in the “Back When” article (“The Pluts Move to Port Townsend,” PDN, Oct. 16).

We had learned a bit about the Plut family and the origin of the medical building when we purchased it in 2005 from physician Jim McCarron and his partners.

After that, we gained more insight into the good works of the Plut family in the Port Townsend community from Tom Plut, Harry and Dorothy’s son, whom we retained to paint the exterior of the building and who spoke proudly of his family’s legacy.

And we’ve come to understand much about the good bones of the building structure from Ron Khile, who for nearly two decades has managed and taken care of the building and its occupants in a labor of love.

Now named the Sanderling Building, the facility at 1136 Water St. is home to a diverse group of professionals — physicians, attorneys, counselors and medical advocacy practitioners — who are building on the solid foundation that Harry and Dorothy provided for continuing care in the Port Townsend and neighboring communities.

Kudos to the Pluts and Jefferson County historian and PDN “Back When” columnist Linnea Patrick for telling their story.

Roseann Schwaderer,

McLean, Va.

Schwaderer is a managing member of Sanderling Office Properties LLC of Port Townsend.