LETTER: Randy Johnson will bring fresh ideas, perspective to county government

The Clallam commissioner candidate has a better approach than his challenger, Ron Richards.

I would like to support Randy Johnson for Clallam County commissioner, Position 2

I have known Randy through many organizations, such as the county Economic Development Corp., Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, etc.

He will bring a better approach to our county commissioners than his challenger, Ron Richards.

I encourage everyone to read their Peninsula Daily News voter guide.

He has a master’s in business administration from Harvard.

I think he will bring new ideas to Clallam County, and he has always been open to listening to everyone.

Randy and his wife, Carol, have been very active, and I have enjoyed knowing them, and I support Randy for this position.

Jim Cammack,

Port Angeles

Cammack is on the Olympic Medical Center board of commissioners.