LETTER: Non-political?

As co-chair of the Jefferson County Republicans, you’d think SOS head and Port Hadlock resident Jodi Wilke and her colleagues might have made plans for launching her run against Steve Tharinger for the state Legislature.

She finally filed on May 15, the last possible day, and when challenged about that, Wilke declared on Facebook that she’d recently realized she couldn’t let the citizens of Sequim be bullied by an “arrogant squad of politicians and rich developers who want to … represent their own interests.”

On the day her candidacy was announced in the PDN, an ad claimed, while offering no evidence, that SOS members had received “death threats.”

The ad was funded by “Parkwood Manufactured Housing Community” and Juniper Mobile Estate.

Parkwood is the co-plaintiff in SOS’s lawsuit against the City of Sequim for refusing to halt processing of the Jamestown S’Klallam Healing Clinic.

Wilke also claims SOS is completely non-political.

Parkwood is owned by the Jon Gibson Co., a real estate developer with properties in California (Gibson’s home), Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Per its website, the company contributes to multiple organizations such as a marriage “protection” group — Grace Marriage — and the Center for Urban Renewal and Education that pushes “a conservative agenda of traditional values and limited government.”

Sounds a bit like SOS is allied with a right-wing developer.

We have options, check voter.votewa.gov.

Marsha Maguire


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