LETTER: Our freedoms have been usurped

Our lives have become sanitized.

We’ve been anesthetized of reality.

Our freedoms have been usurped by our unwillingness to face one inherent displeasure of life, death.

Unfortunately, there’re those in politics who are willing to take advantage of their political powers.

The COVID-19 panic, using over-estimated numbers contaminated by other respiratory diseases’ deaths, has given politicians a weapon, fear and opportunity to experiment in mass behavioral control.

If the daily body count of the top ten diseases were published daily, like those being pushed down our collective throats by the liberal media, the COVID-19 numbers wouldn’t draw attention.

The yearly death rate in the U.S. is approximately 2,850,000 a year; the 675,000 from heart disease, and the 550,000 from cancer are the top two.

Roughly 233,000 Americans die a month without notice by the news media.

In Washington state the number of deaths from disease is nearly 68,000 per year; some 200 daily deaths.

Being denied other disease daily body counts, as a reference to evaluate, has caused anxieties leading to increased drug usage, suicides and other mental health problems, with much longer-lasting consequences.

The Mayo Clinic recommends: To maintain mental health, limit exposure of the news media’s covering of COVID-19.

“We the people” must decide, maintain our constitutional rights, or give control to zealots of government.

Jan Richardson