LETTER: It’s time to realize Port Angeles’ full potential

Recent event was exactly what Port Angeles needed.

I had the privilege to attend the Oct. 18 presentation at the Red Lion by motivational speaker Trevor Moawad.

The event was hosted by the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, and it was exactly what this town needed.

The event was sold out, and I was gratified to see how many business owners and community members were interested in hearing the positive message delivered that evening.

Mr. Moawad spoke at length about the importance of refusing to allow negativity to take hold.

I feel that this is an extremely important message, not only for ourselves as individuals, but also as a community.

A Sept. 29 article in the Seattle Times examined whether Port Angeles was ready to realize it’s full potential, and I personally believe that negativity is the only thing that can keep this from happening.

The Moawad event was an excellent reminder of that.

We have allowed ourselves to be held back by defeatist attitudes, persistent complaining and resentment toward the status quo.

Instead, let’s focus on what’s great about our community and allow that to guide us.

We live in an incredible place, and we’re lucky to be here.

Let’s make that the message that drives us forward.

As Mr. Moawad would say, who we are isn’t nearly as important as who we think we are.

I think that Port Angeles is a town on the rise and well on its way to realizing its full potential.

How about you?

Leslie Robertson,

Port Angeles