LETTER: It’s that time again to read some convoluted ballot language!

I proposed initiatives that are short, sweet and easy to read.

Well, it’s that time again.

Time to squint at your official ballot, rub your forehead, read and re-read the initiatives, then eventually close your eyes and randomly point at the ballot with your pen, marking the box nearest to where your pen lands.

Why oh why must the wording on the ballots be so convoluted?

I say we should be given the choice of using the convoluted ballot or, for the rest of us, a ballot for the average person for whom brevity is greatly appreciated.

But instead, we have to trudge through a 143-page state Secretary of State’s Office voters guide complete with tables, arguments, rebuttals and pictures of smiling candidates, all of whom surely have dental insurance.

I’d like to propose an initiative that all future initiatives must be short, sweet and easily understood by a fifth-grader.

All in favor?

Linda Hebert,

Port Angeles