LETTER: I can live with Fort Discovery’s proposed move to Port Townsend area

As an avid angler and summer swimmer in Tarboo Lake, when I heard that Fort Discovery Inc. was planning to build a shooting and recreation facility on the north side of the lake, I was thrilled.

My immediate reaction was that it is the perfect location.

No homes, just tree farm for miles so noise would not bother anyone.

The design even minimizes noise on the lake, so I knew I wouldn’t be bothered while fishing.

Wildlife won’t care, just like the deer that live and are often seen on the Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Association shooting facility near Port Townsend.

This facility will bring hundreds of thousands of much-needed tourist dollars to Quilcene and Port Townsend every year.

For me, the downside is that it will become harder to keep my secret fishing spots on Tarboo Lake secret, but I can live with that if they allow members of our community to use their facility from time to time at minimal expense.

Ward Norden,