LETTER: Radical right attacking Republican Party from within

The Grand Old Party is at war with itself and cracking open like a rotten egg.

The establishment wing of the party is under attack from the radical ultra-right, and they are running scared.

So, what is really happening?

The GOP is reaping the consequences of its decades of lies, fearmongering, race-baiting and anger incitement.

The GOP has never been for the common American.

Its members have always been the pawns of the rich and powerful, and they have been successful for decades by lying, stoking the fires of discontent and directing that discontent at Democrats and liberals.

And when they get elected, they do their dirty work for the wealthy, which is almost never in the best interests of the average American.

Of course, that means even more discontent for them to exploit in the next election.

But you can only play with fire for so long before something unintended starts to burn.

All the lies and anti-government, anti-establishment rhetoric they have been spewing for years has finally come home to bite them in the butts.

Unfortunately, the fire they started is so out of control that America now has the biggest lie of all sitting in the Oval Office, and everything that makes America what she was is being destroyed.

Can America be saved?

Only if conservatives can admit to themselves that they have been following lies all their lives, finally tear themselves away from the poison known as Fox News and join with the rest of us to save her.

David A. Desautel,