LETTERS: Doesn’t see sense in anti-police stance of NFL players

The November Reader’s Digest contains an article called, “The Nicest Places in America,” which shows a completely different view of America than you see in the media.

It’s the America I grew up in, and probably you, too.

Today, unfortunately, the racial hatred merchants and the mainstream media have managed to convince a lot of people that we are still a racist society for political purposes.

As Lincoln said: “If you look for the evil in people, you are sure to find it.”

I wasn’t surprised to see someone like Colin Kaepernick jumping on the anti-police bandwagon, as reported in the media.

The guy has given interviews about how evil America is while wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a communist dictator on it.

But the rest of the National Football League players?

Why have they joined Colin Kaepernick’s anti-police stance?

Then I checked the internet under felony arrests in the NFL since 2000.

I found well over 500 arrests involving guns, drugs and violence reminiscent of an MS-13 gang member’s rap sheet (nflarrest.com).

Apparently, they think it’s racist for the cops to arrest them for abusing alcohol and drugs and the resultant carnage that causes.

Worse yet, apparently, the owners don’t care, since there’s no standard drug testing in the league worth much and there doesn’t seem to be any significant consequences for bad conduct if you’re a top performer on the field.

So the players are protesting the conduct of the police, who would get fired for conducting themselves like the players.

Sorry, but I fail to see any common sense in any of this.

Mike Keegan,

Port Angeles