LETTER: Generous help after fall reaffirmed good in humanity

We recently had a heartwarming experience in Port Angeles that will remain in our memories for a long time.

While waiting for the ferry MV Coho, we visited City Pier, and my wife took a bad fall after tripping over some uneven pavement.

Immediately, there were several people offering assistance.

They went and got ice and sanitary wipes, offered to get EMTs and stood by to make sure she was alright.

We did not get any names but did find out they were all local people.

It was an amazing display of kindness and compassion for complete strangers by most of the people who witnessed the incident.

You must have a wonderful community to have so many thoughtful and considerate people living there.

Thank you all for making a potential calamity into a reaffirmation of the good in humanity.

Greg and Brenda Thomson,

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada