LETTER: We can take control of the country’s future if we have the will

We need to stop being distracted by a narcissistic president and a continuing-to-do-nothing Congress.

We need to take a more active role in the direction of our nation.

We need to stop thinking about how to make our nation the greatest (we already are) and need to stop from becoming the most inconsequential, insignificant, more negligible, slight, trifling, trivial, unimportant, inferior or secondary nation.

We are doing very little to make our government take care of and maintain our below- and above-ground systems that are old and falling apart.

We have an education system that is systematically being torn apart and giving our children very little chance to succeed in our current and future world.

We have state and local officials saying that they will pay little attention to federal government edicts and make sure that their states survive the destabilization of federal government support programs.

We are doing very little to keep our leading position in the world.

We have a president, Cabinet and Congress that the world looks at and sees nothing but a comic act.

We have a world that is leaving us behind and making itself smarter and more prosperous.

The world knows that it doesn’t need to trade with us.

The world knows we will drag them down if they keep following us.

The world knows it can survive without us.

We don’t seem to know or understand these realities.

We, the citizens of the United States, can take control of our country’s future if we want to.

We just have to take the time, energy and will to want to.

Frank Cimino,