LETTER: FLASH program teaches kids it’s OK to be amoral

What is going in on the our schools?

Are you aware of what they are teaching our children and grandchildren?

FLASH [Family Life and Sexual Health] is the program that starts “grooming” our children in grades 5 through 12.

It teaches alternate lifestyles as acceptable.

I can remember when it was considered deviant.

Are we in effect robbing these young people of their innocence?

In my day, most of the topics taught as part of the FLASH agenda were not a part of young people’s lives until after high school.

Now, we are letting schools teach amoral as being normal.

Heaven only knows where this will lead our culture.

The real sad thing is that there are many sex education programs, and the school board did not even consider them.

If you agree with me, contact the Port Angeles School Board and let them know they should reconsider their action and find a better program.

Richard Coulson,

Port Angeles