LETTER: How does robbing us of environmental and workplace protections help us?

I fail to see how America is made great again by stripping people of their privacy rights (Senate Joint Resolution 34), allowing employers to hide on-the-job injuries more easily (House Joint Resolution 83), expanding the right of corporations to dump poison including lead into our air and waterways by narrowing the definition of what falls under federal control (Executive Order 14) and ordering a sweeping review of environmental rules (Executive Order 19).

These things don’t create jobs or raise wages.

They do nothing to fix infrastructure or the health care system.

Further, House Resolution 1180 allows employers to postpone paying overtime for 13 months.

Even then, employers won’t have to pay you with money; they can simply offer you an “equivalent value” in time off.

What worldview do you have to believe that by making people’s lives more difficult by polluting their air and water and relieving them of even more of their rights and money, you get a better country?

What you actually get is a poor, sicker, weaker nation, no matter how many foreigners you bomb or deport.

History proves this over and over, but like addicts, Americans keep taking the trickle-down economic poison that Trump and his Goldman Sachs Republicans offer, insisting it’s candy.

Trump will deny this and lie his way out of whatever, but come to think of it, his inability to tell the truth is probably why Putin favored him to be president in the first place.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Is it time for an intervention yet?

Kathleen Laney,

Port Angeles