LETTER: Don’t blame scientists for decline of fisheries resource

Peninsula Daily News columnist Pat Neal’s May 3 commentary [“Green Crab Newest Tormentor”] regarding eliminating the invasive green crab was about as near the truth as he could manage without, however addressing the whole demise of our seafood resource.

There are in fact many issues that brought about our present day situation.

It is, in my opinion, not the science or the trained fisheries biologist who was or is the culprit.

Fifty years ago, when I, my wife and young son could never lose sight of James Island, while fishing in a 16-foot skiff with an 18-horsepower motor, there was a limit of three salmon per person, and an abundance of bottom fish.

One or two of these trips allowed us to eat fish all winter.

This was common practice among many on the West End.

The state Fish and Wildlife Commission, appointed by the governor, who may or may not have a scientific background, but are mostly political hacks, are making the decisions regarding the industry.

These experts are likewise found throughout government management regardless of background, education or good sense.

All I can recommend to our learned fishing guide is check the facts and rely on experience and keep on fishing.

There may be one left in the river.

Phillip Reed,


EDITOR’S NOTE: Reed is a retired commercial fisherman.