LETTER: Clinton needs look no further than herself for a ‘deplorable’

Her inaction on Benghazi was among a handful of incidents that makes her a “deplorable,” not Republicans.

Hillary Clinton, in what would appear to be an unguarded moment, famously dismissed much of the conservative movement as “deplorables.”

Of course, given recent revelations, we conservatives agree that the use of the term “deplorable” is certainly fitting, but we think it may be more appropriately directed to Hillary herself.

We think her inaction relative to the Benghazi incident— which resulted in the death of our ambassador and three other Americans— was deplorable.

We think her use of an insecure internet server — making secret government communications vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments — was deplorable.

We think her vicious targeting of women — victims of her husband’s lascivious and abusive attentions — was deplorable.

We think her shamelessly hypocritical and two-faced position on trade and open borders — wherein she advocated the need for a “public” position and a “private” position — was deplorable.

We think her use of her Secretary of State position — whereby she made decisions favorable to foreign governments which resulted in seemingly “tit for tat” donations to the Clinton Foundation — was deplorable.

We think her past relationship and close proximity to numerous scandals and disgraceful situations — like “Filegate,” “Nannygate” and “Travelgate” — was deplorable.

We think something — or someone — is deplorable.

But it ain’t us.

Dick Pilling,

Port Angeles

Pilling is the chairman of the Clallam County Republican Party.