Letters to the Editor

LETTER:Don’t believe him

Rep. Mike Chapman would have us believe that he has the interests of the Peninsula at heart when he decides how to vote. What changed?… Continue reading

  • Feb 24, 2024


LETTER:Push for ceasefire

President Biden will absolutely have my vote in November. The other guy and where he plans to take this country is too awful to contemplate.… Continue reading

  • Feb 24, 2024


LETTER:Thank God

Thank God for Texas, as my home state encourages border crossers, legal or otherwise, to head westward to California where taxpayer funded health care and… Continue reading

  • Feb 24, 2024


LETTER:Support Ukraine

The far right House Republicans have turned their backs on the Ukrainian people who are fighting our fight against Russian aggression. They are Putin’s lackeys,… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2024

LETTER:Supports decision

In their decision on how to proceed in regulating short-term rentals, the majority of the Port Angeles City Council have established a new standard for… Continue reading

  • Feb 23, 2024

LETTER:Act of kindness

On Thursday, I was buying produce at a local store. I checked my phone for the rest of my list and saw a text that… Continue reading

  • Feb 21, 2024


I am writing in response to Peter Segall’s Jan. 27 article which overlooked two critical pieces of information presented at the Jan. 24 Planning Commission… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2024

LETTER:Ceasefire now

The Feb. 10 letter “Stand With Israel” misstates the process we went through in Port Angeles in considering a city resolution for a ceasefire in… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2024

LETTER:Control Airbnbs

If we care about the future of Port Angeles then we must do a better job of controlling Airbnbs. What’s wrong with a plethora of… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2024

LETTER:No Labels

Is anyone else suspicious of the No Labels Party? I’m all for more than a two-party system, but what is No Labels up to? They… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2024

LETTER:Think about it

Regarding Trump’s recent rant to NATO members that he would not protect them from aggression by Putin if they did not pay. This from a… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2024

LETTER:Gaza ceasefire

The Port Townsend City Council voted unanimously to approve a ceasefire in Gaza resolution where tens of thousands of innocent people, including 9,000 children, have… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2024

LETTER:Opposes Trump

As an 83-year old great grandmother I can not believe that anyone with an IQ of a teenager that has gone through high school could… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2024

LETTER:Short term rentals

Short-term rental (STR) owners with money in the game are trying to block any real regulation. But there must be limitations and fair taxation, as… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2024

LETTER:Stand with Israel

In “Port Townsend City Council calls for ceasefire in Gaza” (PDN, Jan. 24) Peter Segall mentioned that a similar Port Angeles resolution was tabled. “We’re… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2024

LETTER:Water conservation

I read with interest the article about Sequim landowners opposing the piping of irrigation ditches as part of a water conservation effort for the Dungeness… Continue reading

  • Feb 10, 2024

LETTER: Port Townsend council wrong

Shame, shame, shame on the Port Townsend City Council. Calling for a cease-fire in Gaza shows you are only interested in supporting one group of… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2024

LETTER:Patriot or Nationalist

This election year our democratic ideals are being tested. To decide which candidates to choose, consider if they’re patriotic or nationalistic using the concepts of… Continue reading

  • Feb 1, 2024

LETTER:Urges voting

Life and elections often do not offer us exactly the choices we prefer. If your favorite is not on the ballot, rather than taking your… Continue reading

  • Feb 1, 2024

LETTER:Morse Creek curve

The Morse Creek curve improvements are a fiasco. Beyond the fact it cost a fortune. First of all, safety was only minimally improved. Not enough… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2024