Letters to the Editor

LETTER:Sequim questions

I was disappointed to learn that the mayor and three appointed members of the Sequim city council proceeded to force the resignation of much-loved and… Continue reading

  • Feb 1, 2021

LETTER: Thanks ‘angel’

I just wanted to spread the word how fantastic our hero helpers are. My husband and I needed the vaccine as he is on dialysis… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Bad choices

I voted for Governor Inslee and thought he did a decent job responding to COVID-19 last year. But after the last few weeks I have… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Cancer patients

Cancer patients have been forgotten in the vaccine roll-out. I’m so glad that effective vaccines are now available. However, from where I sit, we cancer… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Disposable generation?

I have been thinking about writing a letter to the editor regarding the way the COVID-19 vaccinations in Sequim are being handled and decided to… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:No regional health district

In dealing with the COVID-19 issue, Clallam County has exhibited significant competency. Our Department of Health and Human Services is a well run and effective… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Priority to elders

It is wonderful that the Jamestown clinic is organizing the vaccination in Sequim for COVID and that many Sequim folks aged 70-years and older have… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Support Sequim levies

Keep Sequim Schools great with two Yes votes. First of all, I’d like to thank the local community for supporting renewal levies in the past.… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Thanks Charlie Bush

Sad to see the news about the sudden termination of Sequim City Manager Charlie Bush. Charlie has served selflessly, transparently and in the best interests… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Thinks Democrats fascists

The BLM protesters that blocked I-5 in Seattle on MLK day were arrested but the King County jail refused to hold them. They apparently are… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTERChooses peace

As human beings we learn throughout our lifetime from observation and instruction. As children, we create a system at an early age that enables us… Continue reading

  • Jan 31, 2021

LETTER:Backs Sequim levies

Please vote yes and yes for the Sequim School District’s levies for educational programs and for capital projects. The educational programs and operations (EP&O) levy,… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

LETTER:Inadequate reason

Sequim’s mayor cited “philosophical differences” as a reason for removing City Manager Charlie Bush from his position. Philosophical differences is an inadequate reason to terminate… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

LETTERS: Dental health care

Access to dental health care is often tied to employer-provided dental insurance. Many lower wage service workers do not receive these benefits even while employed,… Continue reading

LETTERS: Something wrong in Sequim

Kudos to Sheena Younger and the Sequim Good Governance League for encouraging standing up to a Sequim City Council bad act. In the 1990s, the… Continue reading

LETTERS: Vaccine clinic in PT

Just wanted to give a shout-out for the COVID vaccination operation in Port Townsend. What a great organized job. Health care workers and patients were… Continue reading

LETTER:Ridiculous attack

When I read the first few lines of the letter “Death of a Nation,” my first reaction was, “What?” Maybe the letter writer has some… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2021

LETTER:Thanks for clinic

My husband and I went to get our first COVID-19 vaccine at 7 a.m Jan. 14. We live within three blocks of the vaccination tent… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2021

LETTER:Well-organized clinic

The smooth and orderly management of our first COVID vaccination clinic here in Port Angeles was obviously the result of masterful planning, especially envisioning how… Continue reading

  • Jan 27, 2021

LETTERS: Creating own reality?

When I was a kid growing up in South Dakota, I remember a story about a man telling someone how he was so drunk he… Continue reading