Letters to the Editor

LETTER:Forde and EV

You’ve probably heard that house Democrats, including Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger, fearing global warming, approved SB 5974 banning gas-powered passenger and light duty vehicles… Continue reading

  • Sep 10, 2022

LETTER:Valuable asset

Will Purser, Clallam County Public Utility District commissioner and board chairman, is too valuable an asset to not be re-elected. In 2014, after 45 years… Continue reading

  • Sep 10, 2022

LETTER:Vote for Ken Hays

I served with Ken Hays on the Sequim City Council. He served two terms for eight years and was mayor for four of them. During… Continue reading

  • Sep 10, 2022

LETTER:Water supply

The county and local governments are approving additional homes but very little is being done to address our limited potable water supply. All our water… Continue reading

  • Sep 10, 2022

LETTER:Supports Purser

After attending a few Clallam County Public Utility District commission meetings, Ken Hays must have taken a non-existent crash course in electric energy systems and… Continue reading

  • Sep 8, 2022

LETTER:Backs Tharinger, Chapman

Brian Pruiett and Sue Forde are hoping to become representatives to the state Legislature. Reading their websites, they are against the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinic,… Continue reading

  • Sep 3, 2022

LETTER:Won’t vote Republican

It’s very sad that there are good Republicans who secretly repudiate the direction the Republican party is moving but are afraid to speak up for… Continue reading

  • Sep 3, 2022

LETTER:Backs Hays

I just installed a rooftop solar system, which I could only justify financially by installing it myself. If you have ever thought about doing the… Continue reading

  • Sep 1, 2022

LETTER: Confusing letter

There was a confusing letter in the Peninsula Daily News on Saturday, Aug. 20. It stated that we should get rid of Tharinger, Chapman and… Continue reading

  • Aug 31, 2022

LETTER: Supports Smiley

Sen. Patty Murray, in her recent political commercials, actually agrees with about 75 percent of Americans that the country is on the wrong track. Well… Continue reading

  • Aug 31, 2022

LETTER:An event to remember

Clallam County’s new Indian Child Welfare Act court is one of 14 of these specialty courts in the nation. ICWA courts support native families by… Continue reading

  • Aug 30, 2022

LETTER: Noise solution

In reference to the Aug. 10 letter “Airplane noise.” There are several computer and phone/electronic device applications for tracking aviation traffic, including Flight Aware. Instead… Continue reading

  • Aug 27, 2022

LETTER:Let Julie swim

Since many are accusing, headlining, and asking, I am, indeed, the 80-year old woman who was kicked out of Mountain View Pool by the YMCA… Continue reading

  • Aug 27, 2022

LETTER:Weak arguments


  • Aug 27, 2022

LETTER:Backs Hays

I am encouraged that Ken Hays may be our new Clallam County Public Utility District commissioner. His was a familiar name after having served years… Continue reading

  • Aug 25, 2022

LETTER:Biden not to blame

Please stop blaming or supporting a president for things that have little or nothing to do with their administration. The economic forces we are all… Continue reading

  • Aug 25, 2022


Great timing. Port Angeles passed its Climate Resilience Plan (CRP) in June. Then came the July 13 PDN story that federal grants will be available… Continue reading

  • Aug 23, 2022

LETTER:Octopus cage

In the 21st century, it is a shame that a marine science center would choose to put an incredibly intelligent, valuable part of the marine… Continue reading

  • Aug 20, 2022

LETTER:Research first

This is in response to the letter “Vote them Out” on August 10. It is everyone’s job, before they vote, to be informed about all… Continue reading

  • Aug 20, 2022

LETTER:Vote with liberals

District 24 legislators Rep. Steve Tharinger, Rep. Mike Chapman and Sen. Kevin Van De Wege have let their constituents down. They consistently vote with the… Continue reading

  • Aug 20, 2022