Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Port Angeles levy a ‘ridiculous measure’

The Port Angeles School Board is asking us to fund another ridiculous measure to redo and repair our failing school buildings. I am sure that… Continue reading

  • Jan 14, 2020

LETTER: Writer takes issue with McConnell

Mitch McConnell, you are an evil man. You dishonor the American Constitution. You make a scandal of what should be law. What is legal, you… Continue reading

  • Jan 14, 2020

Letter: Support Crescent School District levies

Crescent School District is running two levies to support our schools. The first is the educational programs and operations (EP&O) levy and the second is… Continue reading

  • Jan 13, 2020

LETTER: Revoke the Authorization for Use of Military Force

We, the people, must call on Congress to take whatever steps are necessary in the House and Senate to pass a war powers resolution that… Continue reading

  • Jan 9, 2020

LETTER: Power usurped

President Trump’s impeachment had nothing to do with preserving American democracy. America’s democratic republic had already been gutted by the institutional corruption of lobbying, election… Continue reading

  • Jan 5, 2020

LETTER: Endorses local contributions to climate knowledge

As the author of a recent letter suggested, just because a sizable group of people believe something is true, that doesn’t necessarily make it so.… Continue reading

  • Jan 3, 2020

Need problem solvers

I enjoy parody as much as the next person so when I began reading “Law and Order?” in the Dec. 29 PDN, I was very… Continue reading

  • Jan 3, 2020

LETTER: Law and Order?

Yeah, we need to have some more skull cracking, fascist-type of Law and Order. Sieg heil, Trump, sieg heil the Republican Party and, of course,… Continue reading

  • Dec 29, 2019

LETTER: Roundabouts a mistake

The WSDO of something but not Transportation is continuing down a path to destruction and attenuation of traffic flow and they are lying to the… Continue reading

  • Dec 29, 2019

LETTER: Waterfront Trail conditions

Now that the Waterfront Trail east of the Rayonier property is closed due to collapsing sea walls and land slides, it raises the question, does… Continue reading

  • Dec 29, 2019

LETTER: Rebuttal to impeachment letter

A recent letter-writer on your Commentary page provides us more of his constant anti-Trump anger and suggestions of socialist views by awarding his validation of… Continue reading

  • Dec 27, 2019

LETTER: Lawlessness in liberal approach

If you pay attention to the news, and if you pay attention to how liberals and conservatives deal with problems, you must come to the… Continue reading

  • Dec 23, 2019

LETTER: Vote no on Port Angeles School District levy

The Port Angeles School District is proposing a capital levy to tax voters $52,000,000 for new school facilities at Stevens Middle School. This plan includes… Continue reading

  • Dec 23, 2019

LETTER: Fix sidewalks for safety

I am concerned over the lack of funding for sidewalk repair in this town. For those with mobility issues, like myself, it is quite a… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: Impeachment reprehensible act

The reprehensible act perpetrated by the U S House of Representatives on Dec. 18 has at least accomplished one thing on a personal level: I… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: No one above the law

The Democratic Congress is proudly adhering to the rule of law and proclaiming “no one is above the law” in finding fault with the president.… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: Weighing faults in impeachment

Both sides of an issue must be presented before judgment can be rendered. Sounds good, needs to be considered and acted upon with sincerity and… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: Stop 5G, please

5G Networks are already being deployed. The electromagnetic fields associated with 5G technology is employed on smart cars and enables global tracking and personal surveillance… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: Pelosi’s abuse of power

Even worse than offending the Founding Fathers, what would the women of the women’s suffrage movement have thought of Nancy Pelosi’s actions? Hopefully, every student… Continue reading

  • Dec 22, 2019

LETTER: Trump will forever be a permanent stain on U.S. history

Whatever happens in the Republican-controlled Senate now that articles of impeachment have been leveled and approved against President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives,… Continue reading

  • Dec 20, 2019