Racing in one of the youngest motos at the Washington BMX finals held at the Lincoln Park BMX Park on Sunday is No. 3 Sawyer Baur of Belfair, No. 6 Caleb McPeek of Richland, No. 127 Myles Gates of Federal Way and No. 134 Braedyn Monette of Port Angeles. There were more than 520 racers from age 3 to 73 in age racing in 104 motos. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Racing in one of the youngest motos at the Washington BMX finals held at the Lincoln Park BMX Park on Sunday is No. 3 Sawyer Baur of Belfair, No. 6 Caleb McPeek of Richland, No. 127 Myles Gates of Federal Way and No. 134 Braedyn Monette of Port Angeles. There were more than 520 racers from age 3 to 73 in age racing in 104 motos. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

STATE BMX FINALS: Hundreds converge on Lincoln Park over weekend

1,100 riders over three days; 14 local winners in Sunday’s triple-point races

PORT ANGELES — More than 1,000 riders from age 3 to 70 from all over Washington and a few from Victoria, B.C., over three days took on the jumps and banks of the Lincoln Park BMX track for the 2023 state BMX finals.

For Sunday’s triple-point state finals, there was a whopping 524 riders on the Lincoln Park course. There were another 373 riders Saturday for double points races and 229 for single-point races, for a total of 1,126 racers over the weekend.

This was the second time in recent year that the Lincoln Park BMX track hosted the state finals. The track also hosted the Gold Cup Pacific Northwest finals last year.

Port Angeles’ Teyah Elofson-Cross won the 10-year-old girls’ expert class and the 9-10 girls cruisers class at the Washington BMX Finals. (Courtesy photo)

Port Angeles’ Teyah Elofson-Cross won the 10-year-old girls’ expert class and the 9-10 girls cruisers class at the Washington BMX Finals. (Courtesy photo)

Track operator Sean Coleman said there were no issues with rain Sunday and no issues with smoke that hit some parts of the Olympic Peninsula on Friday and Saturday.

Going up against some of the best BMX riders from around the state and Victoria, there were a total of 14 Olympic Peninsula winners, including Teyah Elofson-Cross of Port Angeles in the 10-year-old expert class and in the 9-10 girls cruiser class.

Another victorious expert rider was Logan Gray in the 7-year-old boys category.

Other local winners include:

Piper Williams, Port Angeles, 17-20 women’s cruiser.

Kameron Langdon, Port Angeles, 9 boys’ cruiser.

Mavryck Hanning, Sequim, 7 novice.

Jasper McGoff, Sequim, 8 novice.

Chloe Holloway, Port Angeles, 9 novice.

Ashton King, PA, 8 intermediate.

Thomas Penn, Forks, 12 novice.

Daniel Goettling, Sequim, 46-50 novice.

Daniel Stroup, PA, 10 intermediate.

Jordan Guthrie, PA, 13 intermediate.

Ryan Albin Jr., PA, 17-20 intermediate.

For full results, people can go to

2023 Washington State Finals

Lincoln Park BMX

Sept. 24, 2023

9-10 girls cruiser — Teyah (Tey) Elofson-Cross, Port Angeles, first; Kylin Weitz, Port Angeles, second, Sophia McCain, Spokane, third.

11-12 girls cruiser — Kenzie Green, Gig Harbor, first; Nyah Langdon, PA, second; Willow Baze, PA, third.

15-16 girls cruiser — Kaylee Case, Kennewick, first; Veta Cramer, Des Moines, second; Hayden Berkheiser, Snohomish, third.

17-20 women cruiser — Piper Williams, PA, first; Nichole Otto, Gig Harbor, second, Trinity Gaither, Sequim, third.

41-45 women cruiser — Bethany Price, Lakebay, first; Angie Lust, Spokane, second; Lindsay Rechnitz, Renton, third.

8 cruiser total — Luke Shellito, Puyallup, first; Ronnie Victorino, Seattle, second; Bennett Gray, PA, third.

9 cruiser — Kameron Langdon, PA, first; Mason Wilcox-Olton, PA, second; Kenzo Takagi-Spencer, Seattle, third.

10 cruiser — Jeff Fishbaugh, Tacoma, first; Bradan Gray, PA, second; Ritchie Victorino, Seattle, third.

11 cruiser — Greyson Rechnitz, Renton, first; Edgar Jr. Fernandez, Walla Walla, second; Kaden McPeek, Richland, third.

12 cruiser — Jayce Fishbaugh, Tacoma, first; Harrison White, Graham, second; Noah Baaten, Mount Vernon, third.

13 cruiser — Joseph Hite, Puyallup, first; Joseph Servatius, Nine Mile Falls, second; Raddick Serka, Gig Harbor, third.

14 cruiser — Jayden Butler, Auburn, first; Joshua Herrera, Spokane, second; Cole Hopkins-Drew, Ephrata, third.

15 cruiser — Damien Avila, Spanaway, first; Satchel Gorden, Vashon, second; Kyuss Bartel, Seattle, third.

16 cruiser — Garrett Montney, Medical Lake, first; Jackson Beal, Port Townsend, second; Brayden Denton, Spokane, third.

17-20 cruiser — Caleb Kelly, Medical Lake, first; Dylan Gasca, Buckley, second; Caleb Plummer, Vaughn, third.

21-25 cruiser — Marcus Hutko, Orting, first; Jake Shepherd, Buckley, second; Anthony Hulse, Tacoma, third.

31-35 cruiser — Mark Shaw, Spanaway, first; Kyle Wood, Port Orchard, second; Jeremy Kerr, Orting, third.

41-45 cruiser — Dominick Serka, Gig Harbor, first; Brent Azus, Auburn, second; Jeremy Bushnell, Tacoma, third.

46-50 cruiser — Jon Lindberg, Bremerton, first; Jason Ondell, Bonney Lake, second; Grady Howard, Puyallup, third.

51-55 cruiser — Matt Orlob, Spokane, first; Lesli Sanders, Deer Park, second; Scott Marek, Lynnwood, third.

56-60 cruiser — Steve Clark, Buckley, first; Donald Boone, Woodinville, second; Aaron Edwards, Bremerton, third.

5 & under novice — Ozzie Curtis, Seattle, first; Lily Montgomery, Normandy Park, second; Mason Meneses, Silverdale, third.

6 novice — William Kromer, Bremerton, first; Sophia Mendez, Moses Lake, second; Nathan Pritchard, PA, third.

7 novice — Mavryck Hanning, Sequim, first; Ivan Heistand, PA, second; Caleb Berry, Port Orchard, third.

8 novice — Jasper McGoff, Sequim, first; Judah Forshaw, Sequim, second; Lincoln French, PA, third.

9 novice — Chloe Holloway, PA, first; Ismael Carlos, Kennewick, second; Valentino Kompkoff, PA, third.

10 novice — Owen Brayton, Spokane, first; Sophia Gallegos, PA, second; Oakley Black, PA, third.

11 novice — Angel Carlos, Kennewick, first; Aiden Mriglot, Shelton, second; Wyett Gross, PA, third.

12 novice — Thomas Penn, Forks, first; Ryder Leffel, PA, second; Logan French, PA, third.

14 novice — Landon Larson, Tacoma, first; Ryker Rossi, Sequim, second; Savannah Williams, Kent, third.

17-20 novice — Isabella Duncan, Snohomish, first; Samantha Vazquez, Spokane, second; Kalea Hite, Puyallup, third.

26-35 novice — Nicolas Hansen, Moses Lake, first; Cody Hanning, Sequim, second; John Nowak, Gig Harbor, third.

41-45 novice — Jessie Berry, Port Orchard, first; Pony Sherreitt, Seattle, second; Anthony Hernandez, PA, third.

46-50 novice — Daniel Goettling, Sequim, first; Carl Crane, Deer Park, second; Deron Schroeder, Deer Park, third.

51-55 novice — Todd Oakes, Burlington, first; Andre Helmstetter, Seattle, second; Bill Noftz, Seattle, third.

5 & under intermediate — Brody Beck, Gig Harbor, first; Brody Burks, Richland, second; Silas Ruder, Sequim, third.

6 intermediate— Trestle Tiedge, Lake Stevens, first; Camden Goodwin, PA, second; Barrett Alton, PA, third.

7 intermediate — Hurson Hurlbert, Ephrata, first; Sawyer Baur, Belfair, second; Myle Gates, Federal Way, third.

8 intermediate — Ashton King, PA, first; Tanner Whitney, Moses Lake, second; Liam Kelley, Pasco, third.

9 intermediate — Kenzo Takagi-Spencer, Seattle, first; Kristopher Giffin, PA, second; Tyson Howard, Puyallup, third.

10 intermediate — Daniel Stroup, PA, first; Abel Grant, Marysville, second, Cylus Foster, West Richland, third.

11 intermediate — Edgar Jr. Fernandez, Walla Walla, first; Levi Kelley, Benton City, second; Lathen Manchester, Tacoma, third.

12 intermediate — Brody Tarr, Veradale, first; Wyatt Burt, Richland, second; Dylan Gallegos, PA, third.

13 intermediate — Jordan Guthrie, PA, first; Kawika DeBoer, Sequim, second; Alexander Duncan, Snohomish, third.

14 intermediate — Conrad Griffith, Clayton, first; Cole Hopkins-Drew, Ephrata, second; Harli Stevens, Spokane, third.

15 intermediate — Gavin Vestal, Renton, first; Caleb Underwood, PA, second; Sam Hochstedler, Spokane, third.

17-20 intermediate — Ryan Albin Jr., PA, first; Michael Larson, Tacoma, second; Tyler Ferrell, Spokane, third.

26-35 intermediate — Jeremy Kerr, Orting, first; Kylan Johnson, PA, second; Michael Meneses, Silverdale, third.

36-40 intermediate — Blake Stokes, Richland, first; Chuck Hurlbert, West Richland, second; Tommy Schroeder, PA, third.

41-45 intermediate — Josh Coffey, Arlington, first; Keith Ford, Lacey, second; Jeff Niehenke, Moses Lake, third.

46-50 intermediate — Shane Anderson, Graham, first; Grady Howard, Puyallup, second; Marlon Gates, Federal Way, third.

51-55 intermediate — Lesli Sanders, Deer Park, first; Ricky Robinson Eatonville, second; Thomas Payne, Belfair, third.

7 girls expert — Tenisyn McKee, Buckley, first; Luna Plata, Lake Forest Park, second; Emery Ford, Lacey, third.

8 girls expert — Maddie Montgomery, Normandy Park, first; Nova Lasalle, Seattle, second; Elizabeth Beck, Gig Harbor, third.

9 girls expert — Brooklyn Beck, Gig Harbor, first; Elinor Christensen, Kingston, second; Jordan Niehenke, Moses Lake, third.

10 girls expert — Teyah Elofson-Cross, PA, first; Kylin Weitz, PA, second; Paisleigh Fields, Spokane, third.

11 girls expert — Peighton McGinley, Bremerton, first; Ava Beck, Gig Harbor, second; Sophia Warner, Bellingham, third.

12 girls expert — Kenzie Green, Gig Harbor, first; Kali Hopper, PA, second; Nyah Langdon, PA, third.

13 girls expert — Kenzie McCormick, Otis Orchards, first; Olivia Guyll, Port Orchard, second; Makaylie Underwood, PA, third.

15-16 girls expert — Tiffany Brosius, Victoria, B.C., first; Kaylee Case, Kennewick, second; Emma Warner, Bellingham, third.

17-20 women expert — Makayla Brosius, Victoria, B.C., first; Piper Williams, PA, second; Nichole Otto, Gig Harbor, third.

41-50 women expert — Lindsay Rechnitz, Renton, first; Katrine Berry, Port Orchard, second; Melonie Nemecek, Kennewick, third.

7 expert — Logan Gray, PA, first; Chester Curtis, Seattle, second; Meshach Ramirez, Spokane, third.

8 expert — Elijah Lewis, Cheney, first; Nolan Goodrich, Gig Harbor, second; Lucas Roden, West Richland, third.

9 expert — Traxten McKee, Buckley, first; Kameron Langdon, PA, second; Kayden Gachne, Buckley, third.

10 expert — Colton Hackett, Arlington, first; Braden Gray, PA, second; Ritchie Victorino, Seattle, third.

11 expert — Wyatt Christensen, Kingston, first; Greyson Rechnitz, Renton, second; Jackson Niehenke, Moses Lake, third.

12 expert — Jayce Fishbaugh, Tacoma, first; Caleb Vestal, Renton, second; Harrison White, Graham, third.

13 expert — Joseph Hite, Puyallup, first; Joseph Servatius, Nine Mile Falls, second; Jamie Halls, Mount Vernon, third.

14 expert — Ronin West, Lynnwood, first; Hudson McClure, Gig Harbor, second; Collin Mims, Spokane, third.

15 expert — Ben Lasalle, Renton, first; Damien Avila, Spanaway, second; Adolfo Vazquez, Spokane, third.

16 expert — Garrett Montney, Medical Lake, first; Jackson Beal, Port Townsend, second; Josiah Ringstad, Port Orchard, third.

17-20 expert — Mike Bryant, Vancouver, first; Angel Plata, Lake Forest Park, second; Riely Brosius, Victoria, B.C., third.

21-25 expert — Jarred Simmons, Tacoma, first; Adam Ekman, Snohomish, second; Cory Cooke, PA, third.

26-35 expert — William Burd, Mount Vernon, first; Jake Shepherd, Buckley, second; Anthony Green, Sequim, third.

36-40 expert — Paul Baur, Belfair, first; Marcus Goodrich, Gig Harbor, second; Jack Hoobler, Marysville, third.

41-45 expert — Dominick Serka, Gig Harbor, first; Brent Azus, Auburn, second; Jesse Kelly, Medical Lake, third.

51-55 expert — Scott Marek, Lynnwood, first; Matt Orlob, Spokane, second; Stephen Fye, Shelton, third.

56 & over expert — Darren Simmons, Tacoma, first; Aaron Edwards, Bremerton, second; Danny Bushnell, Vancouver, third.

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